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Form8867(Rev. November 2022) Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue ServicePaid Preparers Due Diligence ChecklistEarned Income Credit (EIC), American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC), Child Tax
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What is Form 8867?

Form 8867 (Paid Preparer's Earned Income Credit Checklist) confirms preparers considered all applicable criteria for tax credits when preparing tax returns. They show due diligence by interviewing their client, asking good questions, and obtaining appropriate and sufficient information to determine the correct income reporting, claiming tax benefits (like credits and deductions), and being compliant with the tax laws.

Who should file IRS Form 8867?

Paid tax return preparers must fill it out for exercising due diligence when completing their client's federal return or claiming a refund.

How do I fill out Form 8867?

The template is not difficult to complete. Follow the guidelines below to fill it out online with pdfFiller:

  1. Select Get Form and wait for a few seconds while filler establishes a secure connection to protect your data.
  2. Provide a taxpayer's name and identification number in the first line.
  3. Enter your name and PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) in the second line.
  4. Complete a two-page survey with yes, no, or N/A options by clicking checkboxes.
  5. If required, check the official Form 8867 instructions for more information.
  6. In Part I, point 5, indicate the taxpayer documents you relied on for information.
  7. Click Done to close the filler and export the filled-out document in your preferred way.

Is Form 8867 Accompanied by any Other Documents?

The document should accompany returns that the taxpayer does not fill out. Therefore, the preparer must fill out the Paid Preparer's Earned Income Credit Checklist and attach it to 1040 or its applicable versions: 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR, 1040SS, 1040PR.

When is Form 8867 Due?

The record does not have its own due date; it must be filed with the tax return due by April 15th (if it does not fall on a federal holiday or a weekend) as one package.

Where do I Send Form 8867?

Send the completed document to the IRS office with the federal return and other applicable forms.

Welcome my name is Thomas let board I'm here again to share in this video the 1867 mister paper parents due diligence checklist this is a very important form that we must fill out for every taxpayer that's definitely received an income tax credit which is partly a refund, and it's been like that for years and these are the new changes that made to the form that relates to testing for 2018 to 2025 due to the tax legislation that was passed in 2017 so if you're familiar with being prepared and having clients we have our own credit which is Part A we fund this 8086 seven form was around for the four years and so on they added more and more to it as time went on, and they keep changing the format of it and things of that nature as time goes on and things change so in this video were gonna talk about the basic concept behind having to fill this form out and how to fill this form out based on the questions asked inside this form that's going to be able to take you in the wrong one when it comes to potential clients being audited by the IRS based on particular types of returns being I found to the IRS that's more scrutinize than others so for instance self-employed individuals tax returns are being more and more audited people who claim in other people the dependents I've been more and more audited so those things you've got to be aware of also their education credit which is called the American Opportunity Credit more and more events being Audion because that credit was only designed for people who paid out of pocket for their education and wasn't designed for people who were not paying for their education at all to claim the education credit and so that is known as a pattern of behavior of so many people claiming his credit who do not qualify for work, so now they're going after those Asana put that money back that they received as part of the refund for the years they claim the education credit for that they didn't qualify for it for the first place the 1098-t form it's a tuition statement that a lot of institutions has to give the student as a record-keeping requirement, but it doesn't guarantee you be able to qualify for education credit and so that's the big miss Nova you all because your 1098-t form that's the first step in order to even consider you for even the education credit, but that's not the majority of the requirement and so not to get on base here with this form 88 67 like I said pay prepare delivers a checklist this checklist its put together and designed to save you from making sure you do all the things you need to do inside your business when it comes to tech preparation and so uh this uh form were going to go over now and so part one do those requirements say please check the appropriate box for the credits or had a helpful filing status claim on this return and complete related parts one through five for the dependent for the benefits and I had a household filing status claim check all that apply, so we got the EIC we got the...
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